I am perpetually drawn to techniques that incorporate elements of control and chaos. Specifically, I enjoy the interplay between combined ingredients, and how these concoctions respond to the transformative effects of heat and fire. There is no way to recreate these effects with paint or some controlled measure. The results are unique each time. I believe my intrigue for these alternative processes stems from living many years trying to control things that were not in my control and resenting the chaos that ensued. It turns out, not all chaos is bad! I experience an insane amount of gratification in many of these alternative processes. I find myself acting like a kid who has just opened presents on Christmas Day.

I denied myself the space to create for many years. One day I was standing on the deck in my backyard and had a moment in which I realized it was time to finally give myself permission to be me, an artist. The self-discovery that ensued has been precious and transforming. This fact makes all the little discoveries and metaphors found in these crazy processes even more valuable to me.

I am proud to be a Colorado native. My studio is located in Greeley, Colorado. In my studio, you may find several projects going at once. I like to play with different mediums. I am always experimenting with new ways of combining my two loves of photography and ceramics.

Currently, I am selling custom handmade tile for private and public spaces. I work as a real estate photographer as well as a fine-art photographer. I use old word photography and alternative technics to create my images.  I am available for commissioned projects. To keep up with my most current creations, please follow me on Instagram, @etnelsonart.